Athletic Shoot with (@hithwencos)

So I was lucky once again to try a casual, but more athletic, photo shoot with @hithwencos a few weeks ago. I honestly had fun especially because I had no idea what I was doing and it was all a new learning experience. In my mind I already had a vision of what I wanted to try but because I had never been to the site before hand, didn't really know what to expect. In the end I think we had a lot of options to work with and it definitely gave us a variety of options. The one thing that I had in mind, especially with these types of shoots, is to go away from my very vivid edits. When I do cosplay photos, I bring out the color and make them pop. For this I wanted something more subtle, dreamy, y

Long Beach Comic Con

Long Beach Comic Con was this past Saturday, and like any other Con it is becoming more and more of chaotic. I don't mean chaotic in a bad way, but in always moving from place to place photographing people here and there, resting in between when ever I can. After a while you just go with flow to be honest. This was my first time going to the Con but my stay was short and simple. Normally I spend an hour or two looking at things I never buy in the exhibit hall then slowly move outwards. This time however, I decided to skip the mindless roaming and go straight to the cosplay corner where I took instax photos of cosplayers I probably will never get the chance to shoot any time soon. Then I went

Casual Shoot with Alice (@cosplayprodigy)

So ever since I fell into photography, I marveled at casual and lifestyle photos I would see on the web and magazines. I always wanted to try it myself but never had the courage to ask anyone I knew personally. At the time, I was also not very comfortable using my camera and mostly shooting landscapes. Eventually, I started photographing a few models at car shows and then cosplayers at nearby events. This built up a confidence that was not there before and I could see and feel it. People started liking my work and it made me feel even more determined to get better. So now I am actually comfortable with the photos I manage to get, and that isn't to say that I don't get a few crappy ones from

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