Cosplay Shoot with Autumn (Mary Jane)

So I was lucky enough to shoot with Autumn (@autumnlabarbera ), in her beautiful Mary Jane Cosplay around Downtown Fullerton. I first ran into Autumn during Long Beach ComicCon where I only took a few photos of her Mary Jane, so I was so excited to see she was up for an out of con photo-shoot. Autumn makes a perfect Mary Jane and is such a friendly person who was telling me about her Spider-man crush and interests in art. Fullerton is no LA, but the area offered some pretty great spots for that NY feel. The brick church and buildings, fire escapes, parks and alleys allowed us to get some pretty great shots on this hot and cold day. Like always I used my trusty Sony a6000, which I love more a

Hot Import Nights San Pedro 2016

So Hot Import Nights was this past weekend and the plan was to get there bright and early, but of course with life's twists and turns that was not possible. This was my third year attending the San Pedro super show, and in my opinion one of the best car shows you can go to. However, unlike that past two years I was only there for a few hours and after the sun had set. Not only did I work that morning, but I had class right after work. From there I had to drive all the way home just so I could grab my stuff and my cousin along the way. Then as we were driving to the event hit some crazy LA traffic. We eventually get there at 7 p.m when the sun was at its lowest. Now, just because I got there

Phantogram at The Observatory in Santa Ana

This past Sunday I was allowed to shoot Phantogram at the Observatory in Santa Ana something that brought back nothing but nostalgia. I first heard of Phantogram when I was in High School and my friend mentioned them to me. He told me to listen to Mouthful of Diamonds and at first I was like "its ok". It was until I actually sat down and truly listened to it that I was presented with something special. Eight or Seven years later I still love listening to Phantogram and have seen them live three times over the years. Once at the Los Angeles 4th of July block party and then at the Shaun White Air + Style, and every show I have seen they impress me. This time I got to get close, listen, see and

Cosplay Shoot with Lizzie (Bulma)

Over the weekend I shot with Lizzie (@polarbearseatbabyseals) and her Bulma Cosplay from Dragon Ball at El Dorado Park. I met Lizzie this year at Anime California when she was cosplaying a nurse version of Morrigan from Dark Stalkers and after that fell in love with all her cosplays. She honestly does some pretty awesome cosplays, some of which are really unique. I like the fact that she does characters or versions of cosplays that the majority don't which give characters new life. For this particular shoot we went to El Dorado Park in Long Beach, which is a really nice park. We had to pay $7 for parking, but the place offers a lake, air field, trees, trails, a dog park amongst other recreat

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