La Santa Cecilia's: Muerto Boogie!

This Sunday was Muerto Boogie by La Santa Cecillia at the Pomona Glass House, a tribute to the Dia De Los Muertos. Special guests included The Petrojvic Blasting Company and La Victoria. All came and performed with their faces painted in the traditional Dia de Los Muertos skull designs. La Victoria La Victoria is a trio of Women who play tradition Mariachi music as well as covers to other popular and Iconic songs. Their performance at the Glass House was fantastic and the start to an amazing night full of great vibes and music. Petrojvic Blasting Company Up next was the Petrrojvic Blasting Company considered a nouveau-gypsy band. Their sound has a balkan, ethnic and folk dance influence maki

Stan Lee's Los Angeles Comic Con

So Stan Lee's Comic Con, formerly known and will continue to be known as Comikaze by us, has ended and it was fun to see your everyday bat, spidey and superheroes come out on Halloween weekend. The three day event is now officially recognized by the city of LA, thanks to the creator and mastermind Stan Lee. This convention, along a few other successful conventions, are well known within Southern California and one of the most visited. It is no Anime Expo, but where Anime Expo fails to deliver, this con makes up for it. The first and most important reason is that this is still a small con and feels homey. Los Angeles finally has something that may soon rival that of San Diego Comic Con, howev

Photo-shoot with Karli: Blizzcon

I have always shot with Karli and her amazing cosplays whenever there is a chance, but I have always wanted to have a photo-shoot with Karli as Karli. Blizzcon was this past week and all that was planned was to hang out and take a few photos of anything that caught my eye. There was a moment when I had nothing to do so I decided to ask Karli if I could take a few casual shots of her. I mean "why not", we were already there and I know she and I are extremely busy, so it may have been a while before we actually had a chance. I am so happy I asked because I really love the photos!! I decided to go with some cooler tones for the final images just to make it a bit more moodier and highlight her h

BlizzCon 2016

BlizzCon was this past weekend and I have never actually been to something Blizzard has ever hosted. I still have yet to attend because I was just there hanging out outside without a badge to go in. So obviously this post is not about the amazing event, but rather some of the amazing cosplays I managed to see. In all honesty, the only reason I went was for that and to simply hang out with a few friends which I did. Hopefully next year I actually get to go in and check out the place, but if you are a photographer and want to take some great shots this is the place to go. I did not really know what to expect but each persons cosplay was on point. You could see the detail and craftsmanship that

Photo-shoot with Sandra: Mission Inn

So a few weeks ago I shot with Sandra, someone who I have not seen for quite some time since High School. I honestly wanted to try some new things and I saw her post a photo one day and was like why not I randomly asked her to shoot with me one day and after sending her the message I was like "what did I just do". However, soon after I started getting excited and looking forward to doing a shoot with her and catching up a bit. I decided to have the shoot in Downtown Riverside around the Mission Inn, which I know everyone goes there for the same sort of thing, but I myself have never done. During this shoot I realized how much I need an auto-focusing lens and and that shooting manual was not

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