Christmas Photo-Shoot with Autumn

So a few weeks ago I was invited by Ken (@kcstudios) to go and shoot with Autumn in Old Town Temecula. The location was beautiful, with such unique vibes and smells that within a few minutes of walking distance we had a variety of places to take advantage of. You had that old town vibe in one place and modern architecture in another. Equipment: Sony a6000 with 85mm 1.8 Zeiss Batis

Christmas Ahri Photo-Shoot: Featuring @Cosplayprodigy

Last week I took some photos with @cosplayprodigy to celebrate that Christmas spirit and what better way than with some Ahri from League of Legends. We shot in the amazing Old Pasadena, which has slowly been turning into my new favorite location.

Conventions You Must Attend for the First Quarter of 2017

Last year we attended pretty much every major Convention that took place here in Southern California. So we decided to make a list of every Con we think people should attend or at least look into for a bit of fun in Southern California. However, I decided to divide them into quarters to take it a bit easier. All these Conventions are conventions that we will once again attend in 2017!! Hopefully we can attend more and include them later for 2018. Anime Impulse Right off the bat is Anime Impulse. I went to this new convention for a few reasons. The first being it is local here in Pomona California, as opposed to Los Angeles, which pretty much every con establishes itself in. It was pretty nic

The Naked and Famous, XYLØ & The Chain Gang of 1974: Pomona Fox Theater

So last week The Naked and Famous , XYLØ and The Chain Gang of 1974 performed at The Fox Theater here in Pomona California. This was definitely something I was really looking forward too, mostly because it would conclude my 2016 concert season!! Yes the last one, and being a huge music and concert junkie, it definitely hurts to say that. However, after seeing these performances I can happily say, I saved the best for last and for more than one reason. The Chain Gang of 1974 The first reason was because of The Chain Gang of 1974, whom I've only heard of recently when going into that strange part of youtube when you just find some pretty amazing stuff. Kamatin Mohager, American musician and DJ

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