La Jolla: Shoot with Duyen (@duyennguyen)

While in San Diego I also got the opportunity to shoot with Duyen, who loves playing League of Legends and cars. The other thing you should know about her is that she is such a fun person to just be around. Right off the bat she was just goofy and derpping around. She has no filter but I loved that about her lol. One thing is certain, aside from all the joking around, she knows exactly what she is doing and because of that we managed to get some pretty cool shots. I honestly didn't have to tell her much or pose her in a certain way. I remember just telling her "stand there" and then she would say, "just stand here". By just saying that I knew that she would always give me something different

La Jolla: Shoot with Stefany (@goodnightsugarart)

During the weekend I decided to take a trip down to San Diego and visit La Jolla. This was my first time visiting La Jolla and my first time driving up to San Diego by myself. It was quite the experience to be honest, one I though I wouldn't be able to make for at least another few more months. While I was there I got to shoot with the Stefany (@goodnightsugarart). Even though our shoot was interrupted by rain, I was left with nothing but good memories, making me want to take the almost 2 hour drive yet again. I was actually quite afraid of shooting in La Jolla because I had no idea what was actually there. It wasn't like I had already scouted the place, so I was hoping for the best and rely

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