What we Learned from Photographing a Fashion Show: Tips

So I was invited to attend Style Fashion Week at the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles this past week. I have never attended an actual fashion show except a few that normally take place at conventions. It was my first time doing something like this so I decided to write a little bit about my experience and offer advice to anyone who may want to go, is going, or is simply curious. I decide to break this up into sections because there is honestly a few things that I need to touch up on when it comes to this. So while this will be lengthy, I do hope it makes everything clear towards the end. Lenses The first major part is lenses an which ones you should use. When it comes to this most photog

eShakti: Bryn Dress Review with Poh (@Monsterpoh)

So a few weeks ago I was asked to write a review for eShakti, an e-commerce site selling fashion apparel to women with various sizes and the ability for complete customization. They offered a free sample piece for review and allowed complete creative freedom on how to do it. After recently coming from photographing a fashion show, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to start getting more involved in looking at new and unique styles. The piece that we chose was the Bryn Dress which included both top and skirt in Parisian blue. Since summer is coming up rather quickly this piece seemed ideal especially because of the blue color and white top. The top features a boat neck, front yoke and

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