Vancouver: Fashion Look with @thenansterr

All photos by: @guerraxhype Sony A7III Sigma 24mm 1.4 So this April I was lucky enough to travel and visit our neighbors up north and get a glimpse of a special city. I have always wanted to go to Canada, specifically Vancouver. Vancouver was always a destination I needed to go someday simply because of its breathtaking scenery and architecture as displayed on TV. Growing up a sci-fi nerd, Vancouver would always come up and even Lucifer was partially filmed there. It was also the place where Deadpool, the unicorn loving hero was filmed. I was amazed at how futuristic the city looked and how by traveling a few miles away you could get lost in a forest. However, when I decided to visit, the da

Bimmerfest 2019

Bimmerfest occurred this past weekend celebrating the love for all BMW's at the Fontana Speedway. The two day event saw everything from old school BMW's, high end mods, sunshine and rain. We were lucky to attend one of the days but just as our luck would have it, rain. Yes thats right, one day it was beautiful, sunny and hot and the next day wet and cloudy. However, as a photographer we do not mind a cloudy and overcast day. As a matter of fact it makes taking photos that much more easier. Now harsh lighting, glares and reflecting light going on. Instead we have a perfect balance letting us capture some great shots of some amazing Beamers. Over at the Brixton Forged booth we got to see some

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