Meet Happy Sundays LBC

Photos by Jesus (@guerraxhype) For its 4th year in a row, Happy Sundays LBC returned with The Coathangers as its headliner and 40+ bands playing throughout eight venues in a single day. The event was created for a "hassle-free day of music that gives back to the chill & free-flowing LBC community while also offering platform for rising talent". And "chill" it was and has always been which is why we attended for a second time. The event itself was completely free for any music, art and comedy lover to attend in the Zaferia district and definitely something we recommend people going out and checking out. It has a certain vibe that feels more like a community and perfect for all ages (Some ven


Photos By: @guerraxhype So Wekfest L.A. just happened and just like before, it never disappoints. I heard about Wekfest early on when it was held out in Long Beach out under the Cali sun and back then thats what I loved about it. You had the Queen Mary to one side and the ocean right behind it. It was a perfect spot for any car show. However, the show went into the convention center and I thought I was no longer going to enjoy it as I did back then. Another car show in a terribly illuminated hall. But of course, that was not the case at all. This year Wekfest is possibly number one on our list for car shows to attend. A mecca for those who truly love cars. Not just modified and tuned, but su

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