James Vikery Live at The Echo

Photos by Jesus (@guerraxhype) The Echo Los Angeles CA. On December 17th, Los Angeles witnessed James Vickery's first ever U.S. performance, filled with soul moving songs, intimate lyrics and captivating moments. A soul singer from South London, James Vickery had been in past television competitions, most notably the well know show the X Factor. Since then James Vickery has been part of many collaborations. For example, his vocals were used on the track "Flow" by Disclosure and "Pressure" in collaboration with SG Lewis which is currently #1 on James Vickery Spotify Artists page and #4 on SG Lewis Spotify Artists page. There is honestly no real way for me to describe the sound and energy Jame

San Diego: Wonderfront

Photos by Jesus (@guerraxhype) San Diego, Wonderfront Festival Wonderfront happened this past weekend and the festival brought something new and special to San Diego. During the week we witnessed the birth of a new music festival one of which has never been seen. Yes Wonderfront brought amazing artists, music and events dished out in a new way taking advantage of the surrounding environment. But even so, with so many ups they're still a few things that attendees felt could have been better. So when a music festival shows up the first thing that makes someone determine whether or not it gets any attention are the musical acts. For its first year Wonderfront started of with a slew of artists b

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