Casual Shoot with Alice (@cosplayprodigy)

So ever since I fell into photography, I marveled at casual and lifestyle photos I would see on the web and magazines. I always wanted to try it myself but never had the courage to ask anyone I knew personally. At the time, I was also not very comfortable using my camera and mostly shooting landscapes. Eventually, I started photographing a few models at car shows and then cosplayers at nearby events.

This built up a confidence that was not there before and I could see and feel it. People started liking my work and it made me feel even more determined to get better. So now I am actually comfortable with the photos I manage to get, and that isn't to say that I don't get a few crappy ones from time to time, but the turnout is better. With this being said I decided to start asking a few people and start doing casual/fashion shoots with them. Its such a different experience but fun none the less. So I decided to write about each photo shoot I end up doing over the following months starting off with one I did with Alice (@cosplayprodigy) wearing a Kawaii jersey from Creators Guild.

Alice is such an amazing person and we managed to get some pretty great shots in such little time. Its always fun shooting with her at conventions and out of one is just as great. One thing I must say is that its crazy seeing people in person when you seen them in cosplays for years. For this shoot we decided to shoot by The Americana next to the Neon Museum in Glendale. I used what I've always been using for the last year, my trusty Sony a6000. I also shot with the Sigma 18-35 mm 1.8 Canon lens using the Sigma mc11 adapter, which I am quite impressed with. Aside from that I didn't use any flashes or modifiers and used Lightroom and phtoshop for very light retouching. Below are some of the final results we managed to get and I love them. For my first attempt I am happy and I know as I continue I will get better.

#kawaii #fashion #photoshoot #photography #cosplay

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