Long Beach Comic Con

Long Beach Comic Con was this past Saturday, and like any other Con it is becoming more and more of chaotic. I don't mean chaotic in a bad way, but in always moving from place to place photographing people here and there, resting in between when ever I can. After a while you just go with flow to be honest.

This was my first time going to the Con but my stay was short and simple. Normally I spend an hour or two looking at things I never buy in the exhibit hall then slowly move outwards. This time however, I decided to skip the mindless roaming and go straight to the cosplay corner where I took instax photos of cosplayers I probably will never get the chance to shoot any time soon. Then I went straight outside to look for some cosplayers and literally where the action is. In all honesty I was planning on going Sunday, but because of family coming to visit that day, I decided to attend Saturday and It was well worth it. I first started to shoot with Angie (@princesssunshineee) and her Katana from Suicide Squad. I had already shot this cosplay once before, but because of my Sony's a6000 not so great low light capabilities (to be honest I was shooting in pitch darkness) didn't get the shots I wanted.

Soon after I shot with Hendo (@hendoart) whos Mayday cosplay is awesome and something I've always wanted to shoot. I mean look at it!! I don't even know what to say besides this is one of my favorite Spidey cosplays ever.

I soon began going around taking quick snapshots of people deciding whether or not I wanted to stay any longer. I was tired and hungry and I could feel it. Then something unexpected happened while I was going in circles. Moments from leaving, I run into Kairi (@comickairi) cosplaying as Chun Li, Tina (@bungyuddah) and John (john_pauly_p). So I am about to go in a tangent but just to keep it short, I have been following Kairi since who knows when, but she was honestly one of the very first cosplayers I started following, if not the first. Soon after she began following me (one of those exciting moments in life) and I just wanted to meet her someday. Then I started following her friend Tina, because I loved her photos. She honestly was posting images that I wish I was taking and I loved the vibe and feel they had. She also starting posting some amazing videos with killer music which I watched over and over because it was hypnotic (no joke).

Honestly after meeting those three, I was like "I'm out". I feel like I had achieved something and nothing else mattered. However, I came across this trio of Darryl (@grandmasterranger), Jake (@mooreofjake) and Marie (@mariesturges). I actually never shot a lot of Spiderman stuff, so I thought this was the ultimate opportunity. The thing that also attracted me about them was that they were mask-less. I am going to be very honest, and the truth is I don't photograph a lot of guy cosplayers (needs to change asap). The reason why is because the majority of them have a mask on. For some reason I go up to people when they don't have a mask on, because it makes the image unique and I get to see the person lying underneath, responsible for such amazing work. I understand that some want the mask on and I'll respect that, because it makes them feel right. I think however, this only applies to Spiderman's and Deadpools because seeing Batman without the mask would be out of character. I don't know, call me crazy for feeling this way but I love the image of these three because of that reason.

However hands down, Marie's Gwenom is perfection. Ever since I started following her this was one of those Cosplays Ive always wanted to shoot. I don't know anyone else that does it and its really something else, not because its a black suit with an amazing color scheme. She really does an amazing Gwenon and I wouldn't mind shooting this again any time soon.

Overall this con was pretty cool, and definitely a much needed break from the Anime convention scene. I was bummed for not going Sunday, but honestly Saturday made up for both days. I didn't want to shoot to much and just hang out, which I did and it made me realize just how crazy and passionate people are for all things super!! This has gotten me so hyped for Comikaze I Just can't wait anymore!!

All images shot on Sony a6000 using an 18-35mm Sigma lens Canon mount with MC-11 adapter.

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