Cosplay Shoot with Lizzie (Bulma)

Over the weekend I shot with Lizzie (@polarbearseatbabyseals) and her Bulma Cosplay from Dragon Ball at El Dorado Park. I met Lizzie this year at Anime California when she was cosplaying a nurse version of Morrigan from Dark Stalkers and after that fell in love with all her cosplays. She honestly does some pretty awesome cosplays, some of which are really unique. I like the fact that she does characters or versions of cosplays that the majority don't which give characters new life.

For this particular shoot we went to El Dorado Park in Long Beach, which is a really nice park. We had to pay $7 for parking, but the place offers a lake, air field, trees, trails, a dog park amongst other recreational activities. I used my Sony a6000 wit the the Sigma 18-35 on the mc-11 Sigma adapter. All of the edits where done within light-room and I decided to go for a warmer tone. Normally I tend to hit the cooler tones when editing but decided it wouldn't work for this. Another thing I tried was a bit of the fade or matte effect. The only reason I did was to dial the colors a bit back. If you know me, most of my work involves bright colors, which I am trying to get control of. I have learned that you can always add color to an image so I un-saturated the image a bit as well to not make it weird in the skin tones.

Overall this shoot was fun and Lizzie was telling me about the dark side of cosplay which made me laugh and believe some of the stories I've been hearing from other cosplayers. Hopefully we can shoot something else again soon, but for now enjoy some of the shots we got together.

Cosplayer Lizzie IG: @polabearseatbabyseals

#Cosplay #Dragonball #dragonballz

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