Hot Import Nights San Pedro 2016

So Hot Import Nights was this past weekend and the plan was to get there bright and early, but of course with life's twists and turns that was not possible. This was my third year attending the San Pedro super show, and in my opinion one of the best car shows you can go to. However, unlike that past two years I was only there for a few hours and after the sun had set. Not only did I work that morning, but I had class right after work. From there I had to drive all the way home just so I could grab my stuff and my cousin along the way. Then as we were driving to the event hit some crazy LA traffic. We eventually get there at 7 p.m when the sun was at its lowest.

Now, just because I got there late didn't mean I didn't have fun or that I didn't get to see everything the show had to offer. It just meant that I couldn't photograph the cars. I mean that's the whole point of going to car show right?! Its to see every car and mods some of their owners shell out huge money for. The only reason I couldn't was because it was dark and my flash, as great as it is, just didn't make the cars look the way they should. But enough of that, the past is the past and I really want to talk about a few aspects of the show. So I decided to discuss 4 points that Hot Import Nights has and in my opinion the reason why its a success. They are the Cars, Models, Entertainment and City Engagement. That last one is in there because the planner in me wants to talk about it.

So the first thing right off the bat are the cars. This show has all the cars on the actual street and the majority of them are not behind some rope or fortress that kills the vibe. The cars are parked and you can get close as you will ever get to something of that caliber. They all range from simple mod cars to exotic Lamborghini's and Ferrari's. There is definitely a mixture of cars for everyone to see and love. Large speakers, HID, neon lights and even projectors are mounted on these machines and as I walked the streets couldn't help but think that I was on the scene for the next Fast and the Furious Movie. Which reminds me, three years ago the show went into the first floor of the parking structure and that was an insane sight!! .

So the next topic are the models, yes the models. In my opinion the models are the ones who get the most attention at any car shows. Yes people will stop by a car an admire all of its curves, mods and power, but they soon walk to the next one. With models you get lines and crowds which becomes sometimes a bit of a mission just to get to them or around them. Lets be honest though, I mean who doesn't like a pretty face. Now I did get photos of models and the only reason that happened was because I forced my cousin to be my lighting assistant. I had previously purchased an LED camera light which bummed me out when I saw how weak it was when photographing cars. For the models however, this light was brilliant or at least I thought. If anything, I need more practice with it. But like they say photos are worth a thousand words so enjoy some eye candy.

Now moving on to the entertainment. Lets be honest cars and girls are all included in this, but I want to focus on the main stage and surroundings. In the main stage you have dj's playing some music and every certain hours the girls, competing to become San Pedro's HIN model, come out and get the crowd wild. This year HIN had Tessa Lizz play through the night with other DJ's. HIN always has had a night club vibe but honestly for everyone. There are some things you may not want your 10 or 6 year old seeing for whatever reason, but it's tamed compared to other shows. They also had guests like Timothy Delaghetto and others signing and giving out free stuff. There's also an area where food trucks where parked selling gourmet food and drinks. Of course some of the rides in the area had some amazing jams for their stand and the surroundings businesses where selling their goods..

Lastly is the topic of city engagement, which may come from my Planning side as I mentioned before. Don't worry if you don't know what a planner is by the way. One of the things I love about this event is the way its within the streets of San Pedro. Not only are people coming in for the love of the car culture, but the neighboring restaurants and stores. This not only increases the show with business owners, but the City as well. Imagine how much tax they must be collecting!! While you do have a police presence and barriers here and there. No one is turned away from the show. That's really what I love, the fact that it is open to everyone. It is part of the city and gives another reason why San Pedro is not Long Beach. Yeah Long Beach has the Grand Prix, but San Pedro has Hot Import Nights and that's all right in my opinion. I would go to Hot Import Nights than the Grand Prix if it came to it in all honesty. I don't want to go more in depth, mostly because I will go in a tangent, but this aspect is something I really enjoy most and you guys should keep an eye out for it.

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