Cosplay Shoot with Autumn (Mary Jane)

So I was lucky enough to shoot with Autumn (@autumnlabarbera ), in her beautiful Mary Jane Cosplay around Downtown Fullerton. I first ran into Autumn during Long Beach ComicCon where I only took a few photos of her Mary Jane, so I was so excited to see she was up for an out of con photo-shoot. Autumn makes a perfect Mary Jane and is such a friendly person who was telling me about her Spider-man crush and interests in art.

Fullerton is no LA, but the area offered some pretty great spots for that NY feel. The brick church and buildings, fire escapes, parks and alleys allowed us to get some pretty great shots on this hot and cold day. Like always I used my trusty Sony a6000, which I love more and more, with the Sigma 18-35 1.8 Canon lens and Sigma MC-11 adapter. We shot around 2p.m. and even though it was a cool day, the sun was pretty harsh so the shade was our friend. I shot most of the time wide opened except for certain cases where I went down to 3.0. After shooting around the block our last spot was inside Comic Hero University, a nice little comic book store near the train station.

This was such a cool shoot and I really dig some of the photos we managed to get. Hopefully I can shoot with Autumn once again and I really want to see her future cos-plans and artistic plans come to life. Definitely check out her work and if you are not following do so now. Until then here are more shots from our shoot.

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