BlizzCon 2016

BlizzCon was this past weekend and I have never actually been to something Blizzard has ever hosted. I still have yet to attend because I was just there hanging out outside without a badge to go in. So obviously this post is not about the amazing event, but rather some of the amazing cosplays I managed to see. In all honesty, the only reason I went was for that and to simply hang out with a few friends which I did.

Hopefully next year I actually get to go in and check out the place, but if you are a photographer and want to take some great shots this is the place to go. I did not really know what to expect but each persons cosplay was on point. You could see the detail and craftsmanship that went to each cosplay. You heard the time, dedication and money spent just to make their favorite main come to life and give it some justice.

So enough of that and just look at all the cosplays I managed to get.

#cosplay #blizzcon #cosplayer

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