Photo-shoot with Karli: Blizzcon

I have always shot with Karli and her amazing cosplays whenever there is a chance, but I have always wanted to have a photo-shoot with Karli as Karli. Blizzcon was this past week and all that was planned was to hang out and take a few photos of anything that caught my eye. There was a moment when I had nothing to do so I decided to ask Karli if I could take a few casual shots of her. I mean "why not", we were already there and I know she and I are extremely busy, so it may have been a while before we actually had a chance.

I am so happy I asked because I really love the photos!! I decided to go with some cooler tones for the final images just to make it a bit more moodier and highlight her hair which is awesome. Something about colored hair makes things more interesting in my opinion. From her colored hair and eyes to what she was wearing made everything look too perfect and I really dig. Hopefully we can do this again sometime soon and just want to thank Karli for being such a good sport about it and friend.

Model: Karli

Camera: Sony a6000

Lens: Rokinon 50mm 1.2

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