Photo-shoot with Sandra: Mission Inn

So a few weeks ago I shot with Sandra, someone who I have not seen for quite some time since High School. I honestly wanted to try some new things and I saw her post a photo one day and was like why not I randomly asked her to shoot with me one day and after sending her the message I was like "what did I just do". However, soon after I started getting excited and looking forward to doing a shoot with her and catching up a bit.

I decided to have the shoot in Downtown Riverside around the Mission Inn, which I know everyone goes there for the same sort of thing, but I myself have never done. During this shoot I realized how much I need an auto-focusing lens and and that shooting manual was not going to cut it. I was unable to catch Sandra's movements because I am not that fast at manually focusing.

In the end I was really happy with the images we managed to get, and if she ever had doubts of not being a good model, these images prove otherwise. I really love her style, personality and vibe; that vibe fashion bloggers have, which is why I asked her now that I think about it. I honestly can't thank her enough and hopefully we can do it again sometime.

#fashion #casual #riverside #Missioninn

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