Stan Lee's Los Angeles Comic Con

So Stan Lee's Comic Con, formerly known and will continue to be known as Comikaze by us, has ended and it was fun to see your everyday bat, spidey and superheroes come out on Halloween weekend. The three day event is now officially recognized by the city of LA, thanks to the creator and mastermind Stan Lee. This convention, along a few other successful conventions, are well known within Southern California and one of the most visited. It is no Anime Expo, but where Anime Expo fails to deliver, this con makes up for it. The first and most important reason is that this is still a small con and feels homey.

Los Angeles finally has something that may soon rival that of San Diego Comic Con, however Stan Lee's Comic Con is still in its infant stage. With growing numbers over the past years, it still may never become as large as Comic Con, but many celebrities were present in panels such as members from the Flash and Luke Cage. So why is this con so great?! you may ask. Well the first reason is that it lands on Halloween making more people get out and show there true colors without any critique. The other factor is that as I mentioned before, it feels really welcoming and "homey". The LA Convention center is a massive place and this con only takes up half the structure. However people are free to roam around and have space in between themselves. When your tired from the crowd you can easily slip away and enjoy some relaxation. This is something that you can not do at AX.

Another reason as to why this con is so great is how much the younger generation is involved. You see more family's and kids roaming the con which is great. The family atmosphere makes things much more pleasant because it reminds you that kids and grown ups are all equal when it comes to comics and superheroes. No matter what age, you all are there for the same things. Finally the last point of why this con is so great and that's because people actually care about both cosplay and comics. Lets talk about Cosplays first. Most people I know who attend usually debut things at Wondercon, AX and this convention. Mostly because they are still a welcoming place and large in attendees. They provide the comfort of being in cosplay as well as browsing around the con floor without much fuss. This is why people like to go to Comic-Con as an attendee without cosplaying. Its just too hectic. Now lets talk about the fans!! Everyone there is passionate about one thing or another. Whether its a Capcom, DC or Marvel fan, people genuine are there to dive into a world of superheroes and villains. You here conversations that spark interest and the lingo used sparks imagination. I don't think I've ever met as passionate people in other places. Everyone there treats you as equals.

All in all this convention marks the end of the Con season for many, so the cosplays are usually detailed and the last chance to show others some pretty sweet designs. As I mentioned before, conventions are place where everyone is equal. No matter what your salary is or what you do matters. Its your interest and simple joy for comics that makes you part of the family. So like always check them out below and I for one am excited for next year.

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