The Naked and Famous, XYLØ & The Chain Gang of 1974: Pomona Fox Theater

So last week The Naked and Famous , XYLØ and The Chain Gang of 1974 performed at The Fox Theater here in Pomona California. This was definitely something I was really looking forward too, mostly because it would conclude my 2016 concert season!! Yes the last one, and being a huge music and concert junkie, it definitely hurts to say that. However, after seeing these performances I can happily say, I saved the best for last and for more than one reason.

The Chain Gang of 1974

The first reason was because of The Chain Gang of 1974, whom I've only heard of recently when going into that strange part of youtube when you just find some pretty amazing stuff. Kamatin Mohager, American musician and DJ, brought it that night with full of energy jumping, dancing and moving all over. You can tell he has passion for what he does and that he really cares about his fans. When I found out he was also performing that night, I simply could not believe it.


The next reason was because of XYLØ, an electronic brother and sister duo formed by Paige and Chase Duddy. A few weeks ago I heard America and simply fell in love with it. The vocals and sound were not only soothing and beautiful but something different and unique from what plays on the radio. Then I listened to Afterlife (my favorite), Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, Fool's Paradise, and I decided to put them on the list of Musicians I had to see someday.

That's when I found out they would be playing here in Pomona and I was ecstatic. So before I go any further, I would like to take this time and thank their media/press personnel for letting me attend the show, thank you!! Their performance was fantastic and they sounded just as they did on audio except better, because it was live and I part of it. It was great seeing sister Paige come out and grab the Mic looking all stylish in all black. It got quiet and when she sang the first words shivers went down my spine. It was one of those moments when you just are in awe and wondering how anyone can manage to do certain things so well.

One cool thing was finding out that both their parents were in the middle of the crowd supporting and watching the show with the fans. They even high-fived a few people which was totally rad. I must say, if an opportunity ever presents itself to see them live, please do. This is one group you wont regret seeing. As a matter a fact they will be performing during Shaun White's Air + Style this February 18 + 19 2017, just saying. At the end of the show the Paige asked the crowd to come meet them at the merchandise table to get to know each other a little better. In all honesty I would not be surprise to hear more of them in the upcoming year and I expect great things from them.

The Naked and Famous

Lastly was the amazing TNAF (The Naked and Famous), a New Zealand Indie Electronic band, who gives me nostalgia every time I listen to them. I remember listening to them back in High School riding on the bus back home, seeing them for the first time at Coachella 2014 my first ever concert and UCR's Spring Splash this year. Their performance has always been beautiful, but seeing them in a more intimate place, made the show even better. Their lighting setup was amazing and the blue and red lights gave an artistic effect to their performance. It was like mixing art and music all in one.

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