Conventions You Must Attend for the First Quarter of 2017

Last year we attended pretty much every major Convention that took place here in Southern California. So we decided to make a list of every Con we think people should attend or at least look into for a bit of fun in Southern California. However, I decided to divide them into quarters to take it a bit easier. All these Conventions are conventions that we will once again attend in 2017!! Hopefully we can attend more and include them later for 2018.

Anime Impulse

Right off the bat is Anime Impulse. I went to this new convention for a few reasons. The first being it is local here in Pomona California, as opposed to Los Angeles, which pretty much every con establishes itself in. It was pretty nice to have something for us local enthusiasts as well as avoiding the mass traffic jams in Los Angeles. The second reason was because of the Asian Market that was taking place on the same Pomona Fair Grounds. A Convention with Food right next door? Sign me up!!. I mean you had everything from pho to foods I never even heard of.

When I attended this Con I wasn't expecting much, mostly because I was still not too familiar with Conventions and the Cosplay world, but it was actually fun. I got some free pocky and looking back, for a first time Con it was pretty successful in every major way. It was small enough to be able to talk to your favorite cosplayers, but large enough to have a variety of of options for fun whether you where there in cosplay or as an attendee. Local vendors surrounded the con floor with a major appearance of artists and while the place was small it had great vibes going on.

This year I am even more excited for it because more people will be attending, especially a few oversea cosplayers. The other cool thing about this con was the silk show which also takes place there. For those who don't know, the Silk Show is a place to get all your street gear swag from brands like Stussy and Us Vs Them. So mark down January 14th and 15th for this one and get ready to eat your hearts out.

Anime Los Angeles

This Convention was another local Con that started in Los Angeles, hence the name but made its way into Ontario California. This was one of those conventions I was really looking forward to, mostly because I heard it was a Hotel con and which are slowly disappearing. This year however, the Con took place at the Ontario Convention Center with other activities at the Hotel right across the street. The convention hosted the panels and the exhibit hall, but a local hotel hosted other events and gaming tournaments. The hotel was also the scene for the major after parties that would take place after the con was closed. This con truly is a con mostly for Cosplayers as most attendees where in cosplay. Another interesting thing that this con has are the ribbons. For those who don't know, you can collect ribbons from vendors, meetups and even attendees. Its an interesting way to encourage people to check stuff out or simply meet some new faces.

I actually liked that aspect a lot and being near the Inland Empire, no traffic jams. The con is small and located in a place where hotels and restaurants are within walking distances. The parking lots are right next to the con so walking from your car to the con is never an issue. January 27th-29th is the date to remember.


WonderCon is the first Con of the Year for those who love Superheroes. Its basically a small version of the ever growing San Diego Comic Con. This convention has a special place in my heart, because it was the first Con I ever attended. It was the con that started everlasting friendships and the start of a photographic journey I did not imagine. This Con is hands down one of my favorites and it is going back to the Anaheim Convention Center for 2017. I feel more easy when I attend superhero cons, mostly because I know most of what people are cosplaying. If you ever wanted to go to San Diego Comic Con but couldn't, this is the Con for you. It is small to give you a good feel of what to expect and has a lot of things to do without lines that don't seem to end.

The only downside of this Con is that it was hosted at the Los Angeles Convention Center this year, while in the past it was housed at Anaheim. For those who don't know the LA Convention center is massive and a con like this was hectic there. It provided ample space, however the con seemed less packed because people where so spread out. One of the cool things is always checking out the panels and merch at the exhibit hall. This is definitely the place to go and start on your Comic-book or pop collection. It's also slowly getting more and more famous stars that are coming. I feel like this con will slowly get like Comic-Con, but not too the point where city blocks are shut down. This Con is in March 31st to the 2nd.

Long Beach Comic Expo

Long Beach Comic Expo is quite the interesting convention to attend to and worth the trip. It's right near the beach, so if you have any beach type cosplays or just want a view of the ocean then this is the place. It honestly makes the trip worth it so stop and smell the ocean sea. This is another Con similar to WonderCon having Superheroes and Villains, however aimed more to those who like to shop and read comic-books. Most vendors here sell just that Comics. The other thing is that this is a much more tamed con than the rest. More of the older generation show up to this con and you get to see some awesome memorabilia. I mean I saw some mint condition Comic Books at this place that are from private collections.

The true fans of comic-books will without a doubt enjoy this one. So get in your Spidey or Gwen suit and just go. This Con happens February 18th and 19th.

So that is all for now on some of the best conventions to attend in SoCal. Now I bet your wondering why did we not mentions Anime Expo, Comic-Con or Anime California. Well Ill tell you why. Anime California sadly is no more for 2017 as it was not making profit. Anime Expo and Comic-Con are two powerhouses in which I need a post for each one. The other reason why is because these are cons that you will enjoy if you are a beginner. Anime Expo and Comic-Con are just too big and don't bring the same joy these smaller cons have. They have something else and encourage them to go, but trust us when we say youll love these!!


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