La Jolla: Shoot with Stefany (@goodnightsugarart)

During the weekend I decided to take a trip down to San Diego and visit La Jolla. This was my first time visiting La Jolla and my first time driving up to San Diego by myself. It was quite the experience to be honest, one I though I wouldn't be able to make for at least another few more months. While I was there I got to shoot with the Stefany (@goodnightsugarart). Even though our shoot was interrupted by rain, I was left with nothing but good memories, making me want to take the almost 2 hour drive yet again.

I was actually quite afraid of shooting in La Jolla because I had no idea what was actually there. It wasn't like I had already scouted the place, so I was hoping for the best and relying on google maps. I arrived a few hours early and decided to scout the place right away, so that when the time had come I knew exactly where to go and what to avoid. To my surprise the place was beautiful and any place was good enough.

For this shoot Stefany was wearing a cool looking kimono robe with a dragon on the back. The story of how and when she got it was a bit strange (lol), but I wouldn't mind wearing it. I mean it was just awesome looking. Heck I even got some people asking me about it and some have their own clothing line.

One place we didn't get to shoot at was down by the cove. You take these stairs down into a rocky terrain in order to reach the beach. Even though I didn't get the chance to shoot there, I'm still OK with it because it makes the perfect excuse to come back. Its also the perfect excuse to try and shoot with Stefany once again. I love her look and style and its so crazy seeing people not in cosplay :D

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