La Jolla: Shoot with Duyen (@duyennguyen)

While in San Diego I also got the opportunity to shoot with Duyen, who loves playing League of Legends and cars. The other thing you should know about her is that she is such a fun person to just be around. Right off the bat she was just goofy and derpping around. She has no filter but I loved that about her lol.

One thing is certain, aside from all the joking around, she knows exactly what she is doing and because of that we managed to get some pretty cool shots. I honestly didn't have to tell her much or pose her in a certain way. I remember just telling her "stand there" and then she would say, "just stand here". By just saying that I knew that she would always give me something different making things so much easier. Although there were times in which I was afraid of what she may start doing lol. Like with that cone in the middle of the street!!

One of things I loved about shooting in La Jolla was the beach. Unlike most of the beaches here in Los Angeles, you have a different type of landscapes. For instance, most LA beaches are flat, but here you have amazing cliffs in which you could stand over and overlook the never ending sea. Just being able to shoot near the beach and get the ocean from above was awesome.

All in all it was great meeting and shooting with Duyen. She is such a cool person who honestly does what she wants for fun. If she wants to dance while walking near the cove, she dances, and if she wants to make derpy faces while we shoot, she did. If anything, she made our shoot such fun experience and definitely one to remember :D so thank you!! All I want to say is keep on being you Duyen, cause your awesome!!

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