eShakti: Bryn Dress Review with Poh (@Monsterpoh)

So a few weeks ago I was asked to write a review for eShakti, an e-commerce site selling fashion apparel to women with various sizes and the ability for complete customization. They offered a free sample piece for review and allowed complete creative freedom on how to do it. After recently coming from photographing a fashion show, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to start getting more involved in looking at new and unique styles.

The piece that we chose was the Bryn Dress which included both top and skirt in Parisian blue. Since summer is coming up rather quickly this piece seemed ideal especially because of the blue color and white top. The top features a boat neck, front yoke and is completely sleeveless. The skirt itself has side seam pockets which is super convenient and I honestly didn't notice until Poh pointed it out.

The interesting thing about eShakti is the customization you have in regards to the clothes you order. You pretty much choose the standard size or custom size to get something true to fit. You give your height and have options for neckline, sleeve and length changes depending on the outfit you chose. You really see the infinite customization opportunities with this feature. You truly are getting clothes made just for you.

When looking up reviews for eShakti there are a plenty of negative reviews for the items being late and delivery dates not being accurate. When placing the order I knew it was not going to be a quick delivery. I figured that something being made to custom size was going to take a bit longer to produce. I didn't feel like it took to long either and it was shipped within two days after the garment was made. Other negative reviews consisted of the clothes not fitting or being off by a bit. This is something that makes me nervous when purchasing clothes online but I think it's a risk you take with any online site. One thing that is really cool is if it does not fit, you easily can return it for free. Besides that everyone who ordered from them loved what they got and seemed to be delighted to order from them again. Honestly nothing that I consider a deal breaker when it comes to clothing made to fit you.

So my recommendations for those who want to shop at eShakti is to

1. Really take a look and find out your measurements. If possible get a second person to take them and see if there are any differences.

2. Don't buy something expecting it will get to you by next week so plan ahead.

3. Lastly, take note of any duties that may be applied to your order. For example shipping is free in the U.S. but cant be said to the other countries.

In all honestly eshakti is an amazing company catering to all women. You wont go to their site and find something only for a size XS or S. You'll find the availability for all sizes and the ability to customize for you Here are some more photos of the dress thanks to an amazing friend and model Poh!! (@monsterpoh)

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