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Over the weekend I was invited to attend a show by Old Notes at Programme Skate & Sound in Fullerton California. This show was the start of their new Summer 2017 tour along with Andy's Room, whom I also managed to catch a glimpse of. This was an awesome show at an interesting little skate shop.

Watching the bands play in this venue reminded me a lot of the Downtown Pomona's shows, where they turn small shops and restaurants into small venues for the night for musical peroformances. Definitely a little spot everyone should check out. The vibes and intimacy are great, especially if you love new fresh up and coming bands.

Now I am going to be honest, I was never into the emo scene. This wasn't because I hated it, but rather I was never really formally introduced. I feel that this scene never managed to reach me, especially during my teenage years. Sadly I feel like this is one scene I missed out on during my teenage years, but as of recently sparked my curiosity.

Listening to Old Notes, watching the crowd engage with them and simply being there, has only made my interest grow and more curious about it. Its definitely new to me but you can see how no matter what genre you listen to, the passion and love is always there. I loved listening to Old Notes, and I wish them safe and successful tour. Definitely can't wait to see where they end up in the future and a special thanks to Shirley who made this possible.

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