Shoot with Yisha (@Yishachu)

A few weeks ago I ended up shooting with one of the funniest and funnest people you could possibly shoot with. Even though it was a quick shoot, it ended up being quite the fun and productive shoot. This hasn't been my first time shooting with Yisha, and I know it won't be my last, but this is the first time I'm sharing photos from one of our photo sets on a blog post.

Shooting with Yisha is always unpredictable because you never know what your gonna get. She can go from very serious to a complete derp mode in seconds. Sometimes I'm afraid of telling her what to do because I feel like she'll make a dirty joke out of it, but when she does I can't stop laughing. While these photos don't show that side of her, they show the stylish look I love. The first time I asked to shoot with her was for this exact same reason. I wanted to take some street-wear kind of shots and she just so happened to post on IG wearing exactly what I wanted to shoot. So I couldn't resist to ask.

Besides modeling, even though I feel like a lot of us pushed her into doing it because we always ask lol, Yisha is a dancer and a cosplayer. A quick mention, I have never shot with her cosplay things but definitely something we got to do. But Yisha definitely does a good job in providing you with that really cool street wear vibe. For example, here she is wearing an Adidas jersey in thigh highs and Nike shoes. Then obviously she was wearing those trendy glasses and hat that added to the look. In my opinion such a clean and subtle look that doesn't shout out attention but definitely makes you take a second look, especially with that jersey.

For this shoot we actually shot in Downtown Los Angeles by the Little Tokyo District. This place has slowly become one of my go to spots in Downtown LA because its super easy to get too and filled with food places galore!! The location provides a lot of awesome spots, but we actually went near these new apartment complexes (could be condominiums) which had a variety of beautiful spots. I love mixing some of my portraits with the background even if there is some bokeh involved because it makes it look like we are no longer in California sometimes.

For those geeky kids I shot all these photos on the Sony a6000 using the 85mm 1.8 Batis which has become my go to lens for these types of shots. It was such a hot and sunny day but with a bit a shede we managed. All the edits where then done in Lightroom with a little bit of touch up on Photoshop. Unlike my other photos I wanted this set to be a bit on the soft side with colors that don't explode of your monitor.The reason I ended up going with this style is because of my recent obsession with Korean fashion and urban photos. They tend to be so clean and just dreamy. The way the color tones are used is just beautiful. While these photos might not be exactly that, its something of a start with my own spin.

#fashion #street #clothing #adidas #losangeles #photography #sony

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