It's Not Dead Festival 2

All photos by @instaxhype/@guerraxhype

It's Not Dead's second festival kicked off this past Saturday here in San Bernardino, showcasing some notable and well recognized punk bands. Rancid, Dropkick Murphys, The Addicts, The Interrupters and Buzzcocks just to name a few, all performed at the Glen Helen Amphitheater. Where the heat and some insane mosh-pitting took place, but was no excuse to not attend.

First off, the heat!! Holly. I remember when I would complain about Coachella, being the hottest festival ever with random sandstorms and the scorching desert heat over in Indio. But boy was I wrong. Within 2 hours of just standing and venturing the Festival grounds I could feel my face slowly turning into various shades of dark and red. However, this was definitely no reason for the attendees to stop coming. As a matter a fact, this was no excuse to come without your denim studded jackets or punk goth attire and party on.

While on the heat related issue, It's Not Dead Festival is sponsored by Rockstar, a tent I found myself going to over and over again. You where given free, let me repeat that. FREE!! Rockstar beverages to keep you cool, if you were like me who completely forgot their water bottle. Seriously always keep cool and refreshed at any festival no matter what.

The festival itself had lots of areas to keep cool and just refresh yourself when you got exhausted from the crazy hopping and moshing. The park had some trees that would give you and your friends some shade. There where also plenty of attractions such as the swap where you can find very rare items and the artists signings. There was also some readings being done inside the tents which I found quite amusing.

The cool thing about this festival is that kids where present with their parents enjoying the music and if that became a little to noisy for them, they could easily hit the jumpy castles. This was such a family friendly place. I've been to a handful of concerts, festivals and what not, and I can honestly say I didn't see anyone doing anything inappropriate. Trust me, as a photog, when you get access to the front and other areas you see the dark side of things.

The Festival itself had three stages, one of which I could not find until I ended up realizing that it was the same main stage, just with a carousel which I have never seen before. Just like Warped Tour, artists times where not given until the day of the concert. So there was absolutely no way of planning in advance. For me this worked out perfectly because most of the bands I wanted to see all played pretty early.

Personally I loved all the performance but I was mostly excited to see The Interrupters who played an amazing set. Seriously, from the moment I heard them in my YouTube playlist, I actually like watching the YouTube videos, I fell in love with them. They where so energetic and something about ska music makes you want to get up.

In all honestly this Lineup is something you never really see. I am not too big or knowledgeable about the pun rock scene but I definitely recognized more names on the Flyer than you'd expect. I was like "wait... Rancid, The addicts and the Interrupters and Buzzcocks". I can honestly say that if your into this type of music, this is one of the concerts I highly recommend. Not just mosh pit friendly, but family friendly as well.

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