Music Tastes Good Hits Long Beach

All photos by @instaxhype/@guerraxhype

This past weekend Long Beach witnessed it's second Music Tastes Good, a music festival with not only music, but delicious food for the perfect pairing. This two day festival has become a favorite event not only the locals and attendees, but the organizers as well as it brings music and food from very diverse and cultural places. In this case both Long Beach and New Orleans. This time around both musicians and chefs take the stage and put a show you had to personally witness.

The festival got it start last year by one of its creators Josh Fischel, who sadly passed away recently, who wanted to bring music from all genres and create something special within the City of Long Beach for Long Beach. With bands like Ween, Hot 8 Brass Band and Los Mater Plus, and other groups from various genres prove that they have succeeded in bringing these new sounds to the attendees. To add to that, the festival had various types of food and drinks as well as the taste tent, place where well know chefs from both New Orleans and Long Beach provide some of their dishes.

The Music

This years festival provided a versatile line-up featuring bands like Ween, Sleater-Kinney, Tune-Yards, Of Montreal and Los Lobos over a two day period. The lineup for Music Tastes Good has been voted as one of the best line-ups by various sources for this year. It also highlighted music that its founder loved through out his life. Because of that, Music Tastes Good has continued its trend. I did my best to attend at least a few minutes with every band, but some groups like Alvvays and Joyce !!!(chk chk chk) made it difficult for me to leave. For example, !!!(chk chk chk) is the reason why photographing a concert is beautiful. They put on a show and use the stage as their dance floor. Seriously, that dude has some amazing moves. A lot a times, as a concert photographer, the job can become a bit repetitive, but artists like these create a unique and truly one of a kind experience

Other notable artists where Of Montreal who brought back that high school nostalgia back. I remember being in either my jr. or senior year listening to them and it gave me the chills. Then you had Ween and Sleater-Kinney who I was anxious to see. Ever since I started watching Portlandia obviously. I remember being in the pit right after the Tune-Yards finished playing when I heard a girl in the crowd yell "I cant believe this going to happen". At that moment I whispered underneath my breath saying "me too".


The other cool thing about the festivals were the revolving stages that I keep seeing more of and definitely a game changer. This was seen at the Long Beach Stage, where as soon as one band finished performing, the stage floor would rotate revealing the next band ready to play. I say this is a game changer because it gets rid of those large waiting time gaps. No longer do you have to wait 30 to an hour for them to set up. This allows for more performances to go on and enjoy the music.



One of the cool things about this festival were the wrist bands that were being used. Not only were they your ticket in, they were also the way you would pay for things. No need to take out your credit card or cash, simply fill up the wristband online by adding funds (also on site) and as you go and pay, simply wave your wristband. This in an effort to make things quick and easy, which worked however some of the older folks didn't quite understand. This is actually a pretty cool and neat concept but I still need a bit more convincing. One thing however is that the wrist band is linked to you so you wouldn't want to give it away or sell it.


The festival was filled with various arts installations in between both stages. You had the amazing hand signs on one side and then Josh's Mix Tape on the other. Perfect for those Instagram selfies. You also then had the merchandise tent selling all those sweet and amazing band shirts, posters and records. Honestly, I'm a sucker for posters of events I go to. Other tents were also there representing brands and products found within the City of Long Beach

One of the super cool things that spontaneously broke was a marching band. People dressed as mermaids and sea creatures definitely put on a show like that of mardi gras as they handed out beads to those dancing along. At that very moment it didn't just feel like you were in Long Beach.


Lastly the Taste Tent. The taste tent is a place where chefs from both New Orleans and Long Beach put out sample dishes, provided demos had Q&A and much more. Even though the Taste Tent is within the festival grounds, a separate ticket was needed for entrance. This didn't mean you didn't have the chance to try some delicious food. Whether your like me and go for that slice of pizza, vegan options were available and the options abundant. I'm not one to get a salad, especially at a concert but they looked delicious.


Music does taste good and Long Beach's festival proves it. I definitely did enjoy my time there and I am looking forward for 2018. The music provided different genres from well known artists to artists you probably didn't know existed. Its a place to go and discover new music and food from culturally unique places. This is also the part I hate and love. I hate that the festival is over but love the memories that come back as I write this. One things for certain though. See you in 2018!!

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