End of the Year Re-Cap: Part One

So it is December 31, 2017 and 7:04 p.m. as I am writing this. I'm literally home, watching some 8 out of 10 Cats Countdown on YouTube because I didn't plan anything special for New Year's. As I lay in my bed and go through Instagram, I noticed a lot of photographer friends posting photos they have taken in 2017. Instead of doing it on Instagram, I decided to go ahead a write a cheesy post about it. I say cheesy because I'm going to try my best and talk about each individual who I have collaborated with and met this year. Unfortunately, I wont be able to cover everyone in one post, so I decided to divide it up into two parts.

I'm mostly going to focus on those I collaborated on the @guerraxhype account because it's the account I have put in the most time into since I started it this year. So lets get down to business, because this will be a long one. Before anything I just want to thank every individual I have met this year. You have all been an honest blessing in my life and I wish to continue making memories together if time allows it.

Now this is an interesting story because I got to meet quite a few people all at once. In February, I got invited to shoot some Twitch streamers by Armando, a person I didn't know in person and whom I only known through social media and a few mutual friends. I was surprised to get invited, especially from him, someone who had been shooting quite a bit of fashion before me. I remember him giving messaging me the address, driving and parking around the corner of the address. As I was in my car I started thinking of the situation and what could happen. I remember sitting in my car and saying "did i really just drive to this random house to meet this guy I didn't know to shoot some people I honestly never heard off. Is this where I die". Looking back at it now It was a great experience and I thank him inviting me over and I laugh about it.

During that day I ended up shooting some clothes from IIIIClothing, a clothing company heavily influenced with anime. It was also on the lewd side of things which I never seen before so it was definitely unique. This is where I met Brian, the owner, a passionate and very creative guy who is by far the nicest and chillest dude I've ever met. I loved everything we shot that day because I always wanted to shoot street-wear and he made that happen. During that day I ended up shooting with a few Twitch streamers like Mizzie and Angelique and just hang out. This was my first time ever being at a twitch streaming house and I was just amazed at how elaborate and nice that place was.

Next up is Diana who I met at Long Beach Comic Con or Long Beach Comic Expo. I remember the first time I saw her was at another convention cosplaying the pink ranger. Unfortunately, I was a bit shy going up to take a photo, especially because she was in a group and still not 100% comfortable going up to random people. The second time she was in town we ended up shooting some fashion in Anaheim and its one of my favorite sets. This was one of those photos that made me feel like I was a good photographer but then again, when you look like Diana, I feel like you can never get a bad photo from her.

This set is another set I was really proud off. I remember going down to San Diego with Toast to shoot with Hannah in La Jolla. I remember telling Toast about this spot in La Jolla that would be really dope to shoot at and the day couldn't be nicer. Her tattoos, look, hair and style really made these photos shine. This was actually the first time meeting her, but had seen her around because of the cosplay photos I had seen of her. She also got engaged this year so congrats to her!!

Oh this one :D I remember going through Instagram one day and I coming across Yisha's profile. She had posted a photo of herself in a street wear looking outfit which I really liked. At the time wanted to shoot more street wear kind of concepts so I ended up asking if she ever wanted to shoot sometime. I remember I ended up inviting Henry, another photographer friend, to tag along and shoot her with me in Los Angeles. Within the first 5 seconds that Yisha spoke and moved about, I realized the special type of person she was. She is by far one of the most energetic individuals I have ever met. Ever since then, we ended up shooting a few other things over the year and love her randomness and just crazy remarks.

This year was also the day I ended up meeting this beautiful person. Cindy is probably one of the few people I've been almost confident enough to be my true self. Believe it or not, if you think you know me, you probably don't and thats a good thing. If you ask my sister how I truly am, she would probably say I'm a terrible human being. I joke around too much and am extremely sarcastic. For example, I remember Cindy saying something along the lines of does my outfit look nice and me pausing and looking around saying "ummm sure". However, when I shoot with people, especially on the first time I tend to be very neural and just chill. I'll be seeing Cindy soon and can't wait to create some more magic!

Next up is Analyn who I met in 2016 at Hot Import Nights. I remember going up to her at the booth she was working and telling her that I shoot cosplay, which at the time felt quite odd. She ended up saying how much she liked anime and then we ended up shooting. This year we ended up doing a beach shoot. I am going to be very honest here and say how terrified and uncomfortable it was asking her to shoot some swimsuit stuff. The reason why, was because this was my second beach shoot ever. Of course she said yes and we ended up shooting at one of my favorite places in San Pedro. I love shooting with Analyn and I honestly wished I was taking video because there where a bunch of these moments when the waves almost swept her away. Analyn is definitely someone I will be collaborating with in 2018 and looking forward to it. Ive been lucky enough to shoot with amazing people and she is definitely one of them. Also super huge shout out to her and much love because she got engaged!!

Jessica is another person you'll definitely see me shooting with some more. We already got some things planned out and I'm pretty excited. I ended up meeting Jessica this year and shooting my first ever swimsuit with her and like I said before I was hesitant asking. She ended up saying yes and I remember shooting with her in San Pedro. Obviously I didn't plan that day at all and ended up wearing pants and getting them all wet. We also shot on the rockiest part of the beach and it was so painful and I apologize to Jessica and thank her for being such a trooper. After that we've been shooting a lot of fashion. I love shooting with her and her wardrobe and collection of shoes for every occasion impresses me. This last shoot we did was a concept I always wanted to try. Rather than shooting indoors we shot at the beach and it really gives me some cozy vibes.

Next up is the sweet and elusive Kelly. I've known Kelly through the cosplay world and I finally ended up shooting some fashion stuff with her this year. This day however I didn't get to shoot with her as much as I'd like because Ken, a photog friend of ours, stole her away from me!!! Haha just kidding Ken. I love shooting with Kelly and I love her adorable face and look she gives me when I have no clue what I'm doing. Also congrats to her for being engaged this year as well!! Definitely need to hang and meet up with her again.

Oh no its Poh!! I think I've shot with Poh more times than I can count. I met Poh at another con and then we made plans to shoot some fashion. I love Poh and she is one of those people I am grateful to have met and call a friend. The last shoot we did was I believe this tennis shoot. Let me just say we clearly didn't think this through because we decided to shoot on the most hottest day of the year!! I thank for always being down to shoot with me and being such a trooper on that day.

Miwa is from Japan and now living in LA. She is super into shoes and the street wear scene. It was cool meeting her and getting her perspective on LA. I remember her saying how much she loves LA and how she compared it to Japan. Our shoot was brief but she definitely killed it.

I remember shooting with Jessica

Sherilyn is just amazing and I feel super lucky to even have gotten to shoot with her. She is just elegant and super beautiful and this outfit was on point. Funny story, before I went to SD and told my sister that I was going to shoot with her, she said that she knew who she was. Goes to show you just how small this world is.

Adrienne has this captivating look and such a unique style that makes her perfect for shooting street wear. Her expression just says "I'm gonna f*ck sh*t up" and I just love it. In reality though, Adrienne is such a sweet person and has an amazing smile. We ended up shooting two times and every time she just kills it. I know for a fact if she continues doing what she is doing she is going to go far no matter what she does. Definitely love shooting with her and I hope we can do it again in 2018.

I remember seeing Linda at Comikaze, now known as Stan Lee's LA Comic Con, cosplaying as a league of legends character. Unfortunately when I was talking to one of my friends I ran into, she disappeared but thanks to IG I found her her and started following her since. We finally ended up meeting this year and shot both cosplay and some beachy stuff. Then we ended up shooting again this month and created some more fire images. The funny thing about this photo is that apparently there was a dead bird which Linda buried. Ive only known Linda since October and I can say we are buddies now haha. This is another amazing person I am thankful for meeting this year and definitely looking forward to 2018!

Arielle is dope, plain and simple. I love her look and vibe and shooting with her has always been a pleasure. I will always remember our last shoot the most because that was a moment where I feel I had hit the lowest point in my life financially. I remember not having more than $8 in my pocket and going from my internship to Pasadena to shoot with her. I was lucky enough to find a parking structure that was free for the first 90min. We both wrapped up the shoot within those 90 minutes and as soon as drove off my gas light turned on. I had recently switched jobs so I hadn't been paid for a week. Two days later I eventually got paid and all was well. Regardless, that day Arielle killed it and we got an amazing set. Arielle has an amazing eye for style and this is one of my favorite ones. She also rocks that short hair which is not easy to pull off.

So it is officially 11:18 p.m. and a few minutes left before this year ends. Unfortunately because of time I must divide this post into two parts. I just want to say that this year has been amazing. Everyone I've talked about and will be talking about are people that I am thankful for. Thanks for taking the time and being a part of my life, even if it was for a couple of hours. Now it is time for me to get out of my bed and celebrate with my family and enjoy the remainder of 2017!!

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