Taking on SF Summer 18'

OK, so its been a while since the last post and this will be yet again another attempt to get the ball going again. If anything, this will be like a journal to us with stories and memories. I will keep this short and straight to the point and obviously I do believe sometimes photos speak more than words. For example, sometimes you have to look at an image and you can't really explain what you just see but you feel and realize something. It makes you think or understand.

So this trip was actually quite a random to be honest, but those are the best ones right? I've always wanted to go to San Francisco and a few things were going on up in NorCal so it seemed like the perfect excuse to go. However, now that I think about it, I didn't take photos of quite a lot of things I wish I had but then again, it's the perfect excuse to go back for a round two.

Day 1

So for this trip I ended up going with a fellow cosplay photographer, Jay. I remember leaving on a Thursday morning and taking the 6 hour drive up North. We stayed at an Airbnb near Pacifica, which to be honest was really nice. We didn't spend much time there but the place was super cozy and the weather was really nice. That first night we went to eat with some of Jay's friends at a Korean BBQ place which was good however, I need to learn to use chopsticks.

From there we decided to explore a bit finding ourselves near City Hall and the downtown area. Apparently, this place is dangerous at night and car break ins are a huge problem in SF as told by one of our friends. After that we called it a night mostly because I was tired from driving and I had planned too much for the following day.

Day 2

This is the day that we (I) planned on too much in SF but in the end it ended up being the best day. It started off with going over to the Palace of Fine Arts, a place I had seen in photos and documentaries before but never in person. Its truly an amazing sight to be honest. After exploring the place we waited for my friend Diana who's a local and her friend to shoot a couple of things that day. We started by shooting a dress we had been planning for a while. Right after the dress and a hoodie I hoped in the car an Audi S9 wit Diana, Jay with Diana's friend in a Type-R and headed to treasure island. This is where we eventually ended up shooting the two cars. Treasure Island is literally like a small island filled with industrial and warehouses giving of that spooky end of the world vibe to me.

After my shoot with Diana I had another shoot with Sammy, another NorCal local who I met for the first time that day. We had planned on originally shooting indoors and going for a cozy look but because we weren't as close to downtown we decided to shoot near the Palace again. It was such a quick shoot mostly because traffic in SF is terrible. I think it's worse than LA to be honest. In all honesty I prefer driving in LA but maybe because I am so used to LA by now that it's no issue. For this we ended up going around the palace because the homes were so nice and it definitely blocked the wind. Such a dope person to shoot with and in the end we came up with some pretty dope stuff.

Close to the end of the day I ended up shooting and hanging out with Melanie another person from NorCal. I have to admit something by this point. One of the scariest things to me to be honest is to meet up with someone and then not vibe or be on the same level as them or they as you. Shoots can go downhill real fast like that. In this case I got along with Melanie right from the start. By all means though, this was never really a serious shoot but I honestly loved the set because it really showed the kind of person she is. The cool thing is that we shot on Mission St. and as we were walking around she would point out things and got to know the area a lot better. Soon after we went to this Mexican taqueria to get some burritos and do a quick shoot there. Again we goofed off. Then we wondered off into a grocery store and we took some photos in there. Again we completely goofed off but the photos where so worth it in the end. In all honesty I love the whole "capturing photos in the moment" because they are harder and different than the typical moody posts. In a few years I wonder what we will say looking back at them.

Day 3

Day 2 was probably the most successful day in SF but for day 3 we became more of tourist. Going shopping, eating and exploring we felt like we were really understanding SF. Jay and I decided to leave our airbnb early and head over to their China town which is the most vibrant place I have been to. I wanted a key-chain and both Diana and Melanie told us that that would be the place to get some. This was also where Jay took me to a authentic Dim Sum place and I tried that for the first time ever. It was actually interesting eating and seeing how things were served and I felt so out of place for the first time. Definitely a worthwhile experience but I think I'll stick to tacos as something for brunch unless I'm in SF again. Soon after this we packed and started to head down over to San Jose for the second part of our trip. For times sake I will end this here and have our adventures in San Jose on another post.

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