The Journey Continues into San Jose

So unlike our time in San Francisco, our time in San Jose was much, much, much chiller. Then again San Jose to me is such a chill place in which everything closes way too early. I have to say though, when I got into San Jose I felt a lot safer mostly because it felt less crowded and I didn't feel like my car was going to get broken into. We actually got there mid day and ended up checking out the crunchy roll expo. A somewhat new convention that everyone sees as a mini Fanime. If you don't know what that is, then I suggest you look into it!

This post will be short because most of it involved us being at the San Jose Convention Center and just hanging out. However, I did shoot with someone there who again would be my first time meeting. I love photography and how I get to meet people from all over. This time I met Anna. We ended up shooting around the convention center and then ended up by a Johnny Rockets where I took a few more photos of her. Again we did goofy photos. This actually got me thinking as to why we as photographers don't like taking silly derpy photos at times and go for moody photos. I mean some do but most don't.

After shooting with Anna it was all about the con. Shot some cosplay things with a few people I had met before and with a few new people who I had been wanting to meet for a while. I don't want to talk too much about the con because that is a whole post in itself to be honest.

I think the only thing that stood out the most for me in San Jose was that we got to our Airbnb at 12 or so and we couldn't get in. I was like OMG this is the worst day ever. I was tired and all I wanted to do was get in and take a nap. Someone did come out and helped us in and it turned out the locking mechanism ran out of battery. I honestly thought we would be sleeping in our car that day. No Iguana burrito this time though. I do like San Jose but next time I will explore it more than just the downtown.

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