Music Tastes Good 2018: Volume III

Photos Provided by: @guerraxhype

Nothing gets me more hyped than going to a music festival. Getting to see some of my favorite artists perform while finding new talent and just being surrounded by like minded people, well its just a feeling I can personally not describe. Now take that love of music and adding food to it, well thats just near damn perfect. I am also not talking about a slice of watermelon, hot dogs or pizza, although thats good too! I'm talking about food made from scrap from chefs. Now that's what Music Tastes good in Long Beach is all about and I am a fan. Music, food and good vibes?! Simply put, magical.

This was our second time attending Music Tastes good and I can assure you, this thing is only going to get better from here on out. Its a new approach to music festivals and how they are done. Fantastic music with savory food.

Now lets talk about the music! New Order and James Blake would be the headliners for this two day festival. But on top of that you had Santigold, Janelle Monae and Joey Badass take the stages. The sound coming from Music Taste Good is quite different compared to other festivals. Its a mix of everything. Hip-Hop, RnB, Electronic and instrumental. This is one aspect I love about it. It does such a good job at getting artists who play a variety of music. We get the ability to listen to new sounds and rhythms. I always find someone their who at the end of the day I'm like "yo i love this. where have you been all my life". That's what i want from a festival. A chance to get down with my favorite music, but get blown away by someone new. That's what this festival does so well.

Volume III of Music Tastes Good was phenomenal so now its the waiting game to see what Volume IV brings out. More Music and more food!! At the end of this day I was stuffed and happy ready for a nap.

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