TunerEvolution: SoCal 19'

Tuner Evolution hit the Anaheim Convention Center for its SoCal event and we must say we were very impressed. First of all, this marks the beginning to Car Show season here in SoCal and unlike other years, this time we are excited. Here is just a little of what Tuner Evolution had to offer.

I don't believe we ever attended Tuner Evolution and because it was held at the Anaheim Convention center I expected it to be quite small. The only notable car show I can remember that takes place there is SPOCOM, being one of the largest and most popular one. However, this was an exception and a breath of fresh air. I will keep on saying that.

So right off the bat as soon as you go in you notice right away that this is not just a regular car show. To the left you have people break dancing and what not and over towards the middle you find a ramp that was brought in for skaters and bikers to bust out some narly tricks. The cool thing was that you could get up as close as you wanted since there was no barrier to separate you from the ramps. Obviously I took a few shots to satisfy my inner skater.

Now obviously this small summary couldn't end without a few car photos. Here are just a few cars that made a impact on us that they. For me its always an NSX, GTR or BMW. Nothing to special but for some reason I always get pulled in by them regardless of being heavily modded or not.

Now its also not a car show without the import models that sell the sexiness of the cars. Its so funny how models seemed like famous celebrities that were on another level. Now, I know a few of them if not most. Not only that I've collaborated on shoots with them and a fellow photog work dominated the scene with photos he's taken. Its like we are embeded in the car scene now. Any ways that is all and the next stop is Hot Import Nights.

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