Bimmerfest 2019

Bimmerfest occurred this past weekend celebrating the love for all BMW's at the Fontana Speedway. The two day event saw everything from old school BMW's, high end mods, sunshine and rain. We were lucky to attend one of the days but just as our luck would have it, rain. Yes thats right, one day it was beautiful, sunny and hot and the next day wet and cloudy.

However, as a photographer we do not mind a cloudy and overcast day. As a matter of fact it makes taking photos that much more easier. Now harsh lighting, glares and reflecting light going on. Instead we have a perfect balance letting us capture some great shots of some amazing Beamers.

Over at the Brixton Forged booth we got to see some exciting things. Hands down that Ferrari 328 GTS BB01 stood out. A car so low its almost kissing the ground. I don't know much about Ferrari's but my gosh this car was beautiful. The color, interior and wheels are such a sight.

Most cars now a days are built with curves and shapes that could not have been imagined back then. But looking at how simple the Ferrari looks from the front makes it stand out. That rectangular shape and clean lines. My gosh I love it. However lets be honest, this car is everything but simple. Especially when you take a look at the way the body leads to the side mirrors.

Aside from the car and rims Brixton Forged also has some street wear available. Hats and tees but the thing I noticed the most and love where those jackets. I don't know if they are for sell but they looked so nice and clean.

Another thing we found at Bimmerfest are the famous plates with you can customize and order for your ride. That John Wick plate among others stood out and I wish I could have maybe bought one. Although we can always go online and find one. Another car that we spotted was this amazing Audi R8 with some blue rims.

Let's be honest we never stay that long to actually see what goes on til the end of a car show but we did for this one. We saw the trophy ceremony take place where trophies were given out for the best looking BMW's, longest mileage driven and best mods. Let's just say that the celebration was short lived because of how wet and cold it was getting.

Bimmerfest is probably one of the best car shows we ever get to attend not just because we are fans of BMW's but because it shows the love and passion people have towards the car scene. The second reason why we love to attend is because it takes place right in our backyard. The Fontana Speedway gives enough room for an amazing experience. For starters, you have the are for the cars show. The parking lot then becomes an extension of that show letting the attendees bring their rides in and feel like part of something larger. Lastly you have the speedway where you can watch some fast cars, and I mean fast cars, take laps around the track.

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