Vancouver: Fashion Look with @thenansterr

All photos by: @guerraxhype Sony A7III Sigma 24mm 1.4

So this April I was lucky enough to travel and visit our neighbors up north and get a glimpse of a special city. I have always wanted to go to Canada, specifically Vancouver. Vancouver was always a destination I needed to go someday simply because of its breathtaking scenery and architecture as displayed on TV. Growing up a sci-fi nerd, Vancouver would always come up and even Lucifer was partially filmed there. It was also the place where Deadpool, the unicorn loving hero was filmed. I was amazed at how futuristic the city looked and how by traveling a few miles away you could get lost in a forest.

However, when I decided to visit, the days were gloomy and a bit wet with very little promise as to what I would be able to do. I honestly thought I'd have to spend my entire time indoors watching the rain trickle down. But just as luck would have it, the day I scheduled a shoot with @thenanster, the rain stopped and the sun came beaming out. The atmosphere changed and saw the gloomy city as I had seen it on TV. Simply beautiful, and just the right temperature with a few clouds. Seriously, the city transformed that day and I couldn't be happier.

Now lets talk about the shoot and this trendy girl right here. When browsing Instagram I remember I saw a photo of her online and saved it because her look and style was on the lines of what I potentially wanted to start shooting. "Street" with a bit of that extra. I later realized that I would be going to up north and found out she lives in Vancouver."How dope would it be to link up and collab on something".

And so it happened. It quickly became one of the best shoots I've ever been a part of. @thenansterr brought a look that I could never put together and it was simply dope. I had recently flown in from Japan and I was missing it already but this outfit took me back. Thinking of it now I'm just imaging how insane this look would have looked if we shot it there. Those torn up jeans, crop top and then crazy yellow striped boots. It was just insane.

This was also just the first look so I was super excited to see the second fit. For most of the shoot we shot in a few alleys to give that look an edgier feel. Vancouver has a ton of alleys each with its own character giving LA a run for its money.

For the second look we shot an all black outfit with an oversize Adidas tee, jacket and a "I came to break hearts" hat. I was really feeling this look and again we decided to shoot this in the neighboring alleys. After shooting a bit we moved on to this other alley, which has been in a few kpop videos. Wearing all black and this change in background definitely made the outfit stand out.

Lastly we did a walking shot as we made our way back to the meeting point and even though I didn't realize where the sun was at until last minute we managed to get the shot. Probably one of my favorite shots because it really did give off that street look vibe. Honestly, that day couldn't have been any better. @thenansterr definitely allowed me to get more ideas for future shoots in terms of what to shoot and how to do it. She also re-sparked that desire to shoot a variety of looks. I admire how she's able to quickly change her expression and knows exactly how to go from one pose to the next. Definitely a creative mind and such a sweet and amazing person to shoot with. Hopefully, I will be lucky to travel back to Vancouver for vacation and possibly collab once again.

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