Cuco at Fox Theater (Pomona)

Photos by Jesus (@guerraxhype)

Cuco performed this week at the Fox Theater here in Pomona California and brought both a young and older crowd together under one roof. We were given the amazing opportunity to be able to attend and photograph the young artist who has been making up the ladder at 21. A laid back performer, who has achieved so much in just three years, gave us a show like no other with a sense of unity and love.

A bit of a dreamer with poetic lyrics that resonate with not only the younger generation but Latinos as well, Cuco's music is simply soothing. Lyrics that not only tell a story, Cuco's music revolve a lot around love and finding that perfect someone who just gets you.

To be quite honest we had only heard of him quite recently but after listening to a few of his songs we realized why the young artist was making waves in Los Angeles. Making music in spanglish to me specifically, made me feel at home. It simply put me at ease. It took me back to when I was growing up, hearing people speak in spanglish and how both worlds collided. Cuco shows his talent by singing in both languages and resonating with a crowd of bilinguals. He embraces where he was born and the culture in which he grew up.

Cuco's music is for the lovers and those souls who simply love to dream. One of the things we love about him is the type of music he puts out that we normally don't see now a days. Especially in the Hispanic and latino culture. Making love songs is simply something that most male artist don't do anymore. Most of the type we hear music regarding the struggle, the come up and success. Here we have a young kid talking about love, dreams and compassion. Definitely some great music for summer.

Not only is the young artist making waves in the music world but he has become a social media sensation with 800,000+ followers. One of the things we also take note of is his wardrobe. Showcasing some amazing street wear looks, Cuco makes it look simple and clean. Most of his posts are about touring and his outfits and we love that. Not only has this kid received music cred but street cred as well.

All in all we just wanted to thank him and his team for allowing us to photograph him while he performed. We fell in love with the beauty of his music and the vibe that he puts out. We know that this will not be the last time we here from this young artist and we know that he shows loves back to not only his fans but the community as well. If your looking for good music that will soothe your soul the here si your guy.

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