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So Wekfest L.A. just happened and just like before, it never disappoints. I heard about Wekfest early on when it was held out in Long Beach out under the Cali sun and back then thats what I loved about it. You had the Queen Mary to one side and the ocean right behind it. It was a perfect spot for any car show. However, the show went into the convention center and I thought I was no longer going to enjoy it as I did back then. Another car show in a terribly illuminated hall. But of course, that was not the case at all.

This year Wekfest is possibly number one on our list for car shows to attend. A mecca for those who truly love cars. Not just modified and tuned, but super cars and hyper cars that seemed to be on the loose that day. Nothing was behind a chain and you could stick your nose right up to any car, not that we'd advise you to, and see those amazing curves right up there.

One of the things we hat is always seeing a dope car and then find out its behind some sort of barricade. However, here at Wekfest none of that which takes me to another point. This wasn't a typical car show. It felt close and tight. Like if I was hanging with a couple of friends and we decided to just park at a Walmart parking lot and just chill. Admiring everyone's car and saying, "here take a seat". As I go to more shows I find this family like type of vibe but here it was just more noticeable.

Anyways I took advantage of this as soon as I ran into my dream car. A McLaren. Man I walked all around that car. Squatted down, sat and bent over trying to follow the lines that led panel to panel. Then I did the same thing walking back in opposite direction watching the paint glitter under the lights. It was insane. By the way, even though cars were not under some caution tape, every car at Wekfest looked their best and it's the one car show I didn't want to get to close to anything. Not that we ever do, but man everything their was so pristine.

Also a side story for all of you. When I went to my first Wekfest in 2016 that's where I met Marie Madore. I remember taking some photos of her and then I almost died when she posted one of them on her instagram. I cringe at the photos from back then but in all honesty I didn't even consider myself a photographer at the time. Regardless getting to attend the show and seeing Marie there brought back memories. Definitely a person who's humble and willing to take all the photos and selfies with her fans. Not even lying as I witnessed this both at another car show and Wekfest. Girl would go in order hitting up every fan that wanted to take a picture with her and not miss anyone. Then she would run to with a photographer and then run back to tend to the show. Witnessing this made me get exhausted and you realize the hard work that takes place.

Yes, Wekfest is one for the books and if it continues, well we'll see you there next year for sure. Now here are some more photos of that day and what caught our eyes.

#automotive #car #photography #wekfest

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