Meet Happy Sundays LBC

Photos by Jesus (@guerraxhype)

For its 4th year in a row, Happy Sundays LBC returned with The Coathangers as its headliner and 40+ bands playing throughout eight venues in a single day. The event was created for a "hassle-free day of music that gives back to the chill & free-flowing LBC community while also offering platform for rising talent". And "chill" it was and has always been which is why we attended for a second time.

The event itself was completely free for any music, art and comedy lover to attend in the Zaferia district and definitely something we recommend people going out and checking out. It has a certain vibe that feels more like a community and perfect for all ages (Some venues are 21+). Some notable performances included Prettiest Eyes, White Woods and Janelane. Another recognizable name was Tropa Magica which had people dancing at the Analog Record shop's stage.

Tropa Magica brought a close to the Analog Record Shop but before doing so, it brought on a performance to remember. The drummer walked through the crowd with a cowbell and made his way to the back where he got himself a beer and then returned to finish the song. A mosh-pit soon erupted and a few people began joining in making the moment that much more magical.

The event was sponsored by mostly local businesses including the Mayor of Long Beach, Robert Garcia and Zaferia Business Association. Others included New Balance, Studios for Schools and Topo Chico which was providing free drinks during that sunny day. No excuse to stay dehydrated.

Towards the end of the night, most of us found ourselves over at Alex's Bar where the show continued indoors. This place is pretty interesting and a spot worth checking out on its own. They hold events and bring musical guests on stage with quiet a few local acts. Here we got a glimpse of Birth Defects who's lead singer put on a show and a person us photographers love to come across with because of the sheer emotion and face gestures he produces while getting in the zone.

Another act we got to catch was Cat Scan who's Quincy Larson, the bands bass player, put on a show at which one point had us on the edge. Her energy was incredible and we always had to keep our eyes on her just to see what she was going to do next. At one point a fan went over and gave her a shoe that was found after mosh-pitting and her reaction was priceless. Eventually the show found its owner and the show continued.

Finally it came down to the last band and closing act. The Coathangers. Seeing them again for a second time was something that I was personally waiting for. You see back when I was starting out photographing bands they were one of the first I manged to shoot at the Pomona Glass House. Lets just say I wasn't prepared with the right gear and it was a lesson learned. From that point on I learned from my mistakes and this was sort of my time to redeem myself.

Obviously, with The Coathangers on stage the crowd went wild. Multiple people crowd surfing through out the night and a circle that formed in the middle of the crowd for some fun mosh pitting. Slowly a couple of us photographers lost our spots and were dragged away with what I can best describe as a current pulling us away and into the madness.

All in all the entire was something special. As I mentioned before, this event has that sense of community which gives it a unique charm. It provides a stage for new bands to show what they got and for music lovers to get a dose of something new and fresh. We hope that this continues on for a 5th year.

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