SPOCOM: San Diego 19'

Photos by Jesus (@guerraxhype)

SPOCOM San Diego kicked off this past weekend at the Del Mar Fairgrounds and we were lucky to have had the chance to attend and see what this show had to offer. Unlike SPOCOM's Anaheim super show, we realized that this was a smaller show and not as hyped as other car shows. Now this doesn't mean that this was any less of a show. As a matter a fact we love attending small scale shows because you get to meet the real hardcore fans auto enthusiasts. Small in scale just means we get to interact and have more space to enjoy what the show had to offer.

The show took place at the Del Mar Fairgrounds and had a mix between indoor and outdoor areas. We loved the layout because it provides a nice mix. When it would get hot indoors we would move outside and cool off, and if the sun started beaming on our faces too much we just went back in. Personally the spot just reminded me a large hanger which was pretty amazing. It made for great looking car shots.

Now when we mentioned this car show was smaller, it didn't mean that you didn't have quite a lot to see. Cars lined up the area and the model lounge had pretty large names attending. Shows like these are where you are able to meet and chat a bit with your favorite model. Take all the selfies you like and then some. Smaller shows give that opportunity and if you want to network its the best place to do so or get that insight.

In terms of car selection, there was quite a few that caught our eyes. For example, a few S2000's and NSX's. Something about those cars just catch your eye no matter what. I feel like they have become such an iconic car and even though they may be a few years old, they stand out looking and feeling modern. You can see some of those design elements found in the 90's and 2000's show up in modern day cars. Some of these cars where produced to early and terminated to early as well.

Definitely a note worthy mention is the Volkswagen Bus. A clean, low and very modern looking beauty. With a nice dark coat of paint and those lovely yellow eyes, we were struck with love at first sight. It reminded me of the cool kid in school who sat in the back and didn't have to say much. I must say the color palette for that car and the build is magnificent. It had to be one of the best looking cars at the show hands down. Also the only bus their representing VW.

As we mentioned before, SPOCOM San Diego did not fall short on the model roster. Quite a few new faces and well known names attended the event giving some of the cars a bit more love. Not San Diego based a few from the Bay area made their way down just for the show giving some NorCal love. I managed to pull some of them aside and have quick shoots next to some amazing cars. Model lounge, car booths and just the aisles had models doing what they do best. Also don't be surprised when the model knows more about cars than you do. And also don't be surprised if her car is at the show either.

Other noteworthy cars were found at the Toyo Tire booth. The Mercedes and Nissan GTR are just art. That Mercedes with gulf wing doors and blue interior were just sleek. I have to say gulf wing doors on Mercedes are magical and the only car I feel that can rock them without looking strange. The interior of that Mercedes though. Definitely a car where no drinks or food would be allowed if it was ours.

And of course with any car show, it ultimately comes to an end with the award ceremonies for the best looking cars. But before that, the crowd was getting wild over all the free goodies being giving out as they waited for the final results. Ultimately SPOCOM San Diego, as any other event by SPOCOM, is a pretty amazing car show that has built a pretty good reputation here in California. Definitely not as big as Anaheim's super show, but this smaller scale gives you the same content and entertainment. We had fun and hopefully we get to attend next year and see how much bigger and better this event becomes.

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