Matt and Kim Take on Pomona

Photos by Jesus (@guerraxhype)

This past Friday Matt and Kim performed at the Fox Theater Pomona while on their 10 Year Anniversary Tour celebrating their album GRAND. The duo performed their GRAND album in its entirety as well as other fan favorites for a night to remember, bringing their energy and charisma.

The duo brought an energy that could be felt by everyone at the venue and started off with Daylight, a song that needs no introduction. From start the show had such energy and by the end of the night it went from 0 to 100 real quick. A show that seemed to be improvised with no frills and straight to the point. We all knew what we were there for and I think everyone there could say we got what we wanted.

Both Matt and Kim not only performed but joked around showing us a side that you don't get to see from many artist. It felt like you were among friends, both of them joking and teasing one another, at one point going over a power point demonstrating where they had recorded the album and their situation at the time in a small room.

The show was filled with mosh pits, crowd surfers, balloons and even a few blow up dolls that we later spotted fans holding and dancing with them. This has to be one of those most energetic shows we have seen in a while and we are fortunate to have taken part in seeing it live. At one point a fan was holding out some art work and Kim went over and said how she loves art and how she was going to add it to her collection.

The tour continues and will conclude later this month on the 25th. You can find tickets to those shows here. All in all Matt an Kim are incredible performers and charismatic. It is much more than a show and we urge you to check them out on their 10 Year Tour. It definitely took me back 10 Years when i was in High School and the first time I had heard of them. Pure nostalhia.

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