San Diego: Wonderfront

Photos by Jesus (@guerraxhype) San Diego, Wonderfront Festival

Wonderfront happened this past weekend and the festival brought something new and special to San Diego. During the week we witnessed the birth of a new music festival one of which has never been seen. Yes Wonderfront brought amazing artists, music and events dished out in a new way taking advantage of the surrounding environment. But even so, with so many ups they're still a few things that attendees felt could have been better.

So when a music festival shows up the first thing that makes someone determine whether or not it gets any attention are the musical acts. For its first year Wonderfront started of with a slew of artists being one of the most diverse lineups we've seen to date. Musical acts included Miguel, Don Omar, Migos, MGMT, Tyga, Phantogram and Los Angeles Azules just to name a few. A diverse lineup and if this is something, we can expect for future events, well then it's definitely something we are completely happy with. The lineup had something for all types of music lovers. Felling a little hip-hop? Covered. A little Rock? Check! How about some latin music to dance the nigh away? Wonderfront had you covered.

Now let's get to the part that kept us a little puzzled on the first day. The layout. Now Wonderfront did not have a traditional layout compared to most festivals. For example, rather than a gated lot and multiple stages at various corners, Wonderfront was spread through the downtown San Diego area. While we did love how it was integrated within the community that also meant that the festival was spread out to a point that if you were not familiar with the area, you would have a hard time finding your way around. This however made it easier for locals to get around since they were more familiar with the area.

Another aspect that we see showing up more and more at music festivals is art and food and Wonderfront brought it. While festival did have some amazing art installations, it did fall a bit short. Obvious art installations included for those Instagramable moments were present as well as, murals, artwork, sculptures and body arts were scattered through the various locations. However, these installations were scarce. One thing a few attendees mentioned was the desire to see more art and to take advantage of the location. While we thought it was a good start, for future events we do expect much more art especially from local artists.

As the night approached well the party would just keep on going. The energetic crowds would start showing up more and more as the sun started setting. This is definitely when you started seeing just how big this event was. The crowds got bigger and the musical performances got louder. One of the things that we did enjoy was seeing the festival come to life at night.

One thing for sure is that Wonderfront was filled with love and its debut in 2019 was accepted with open arms. It's a refreshing new event that we expect to see again in 2020. It's divers musical acts, large names, location, use of space and well organized event made Wonderfront a successful event. We don't know at the moment whether this will come back in 2020, but based on what we witnessed we wouldn't be surprised. For its first year and debut this festival had so much going for it. It was a little hard to navigate at first if you were not a local, but the even was well organized and giving music lovers a new event to look forward too. San Diego finally has something special and we were honored to be part of it in its first year. We can't wait to see how this blossoms.

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