James Vikery Live at The Echo

Photos by Jesus (@guerraxhype) The Echo Los Angeles CA.

On December 17th, Los Angeles witnessed James Vickery's first ever U.S. performance, filled with soul moving songs, intimate lyrics and captivating moments. A soul singer from South London, James Vickery had been in past television competitions, most notably the well know show the X Factor. Since then James Vickery has been part of many collaborations. For example, his vocals were used on the track "Flow" by Disclosure and "Pressure" in collaboration with SG Lewis which is currently #1 on James Vickery Spotify Artists page and #4 on SG Lewis Spotify Artists page.

There is honestly no real way for me to describe the sound and energy James Vickery emits. It is definitely one of those things you have to listen to live and even then, you can not truly comprehend how a person is capable of releasing such a sound. Chills through your spine yet a warmth comfort right after begging you for more and more. During the whole night you were captured by his voice and musical lyrics.

I will say this, James provides a refreshing new sound that really stands out and it was great to see so many people come out on that Tuesday night to witness it. He played "Until Morning", one of the songs that has placed him on the map and a sensation on YouTube. Others included "Violet" and "Pressure" as well as a song he described as being dirty called "Perfect Company". The audience cheered and we got a live performance and taste.

Now at one point some fans threw some of their underwear on stage and James was nothing but surprised and laughing during the moment. The crowd cheered and laughed with him as he continued on with the next song. One thing we love is seeing musicians get into the grove when performing and James definitely doe not lack that all. Every word that came out had an effect on his body and he definitely was enjoying it as much as the audience.

One surprise that happened was when James invited a fan up, with his then girlfriend, to take the stage and propose to her. As if the night couldn't have gotten more beautiful. James then dedicated a song to the newly engaged couple and the night continued to get more and more emotional. If you have not yet listened to James, we highly recommend it and I hope to see him grow as an artist and eventually step on much larger stages here in the U.S. As a few people stated "Don't sleep on this man".

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