2021 Toyo Tires Shutter Space

The annual Toyo Tires Shutter Space event is here once again bringing true car enthusiasts, spectators and photographers in from all over. This was my first time covering the event and I must say, it has quite the charm to it. Unlike most car shows, this one was low-key and we just happened to stumble upon it when scrolling through instagram one day. Part car show and part gallery it ticked off a lot of things I was surely interested in.

First of the event. Right away while checking out things you notice that the majority of the people here came for the cars. A true car enthusiast car show with people exhibiting their rides and talking specs with others. Looking at every inch and cranny. From wheels to small LED's, you could see just how much attention to detail was placed on these cars. Now the event itself was located inside a garage where Toyo Tires had it's exhibition cars as well as a small gallery of photos taken by photographers who specialize in the automotive industry but also hobbyists who love making great photos of some good looking cars.

This was one of the parts I really enjoyed the most because the entire space felt like a show room with a gallery of fine collections. I actually thought this was really interesting and I actually loved looking at the small collection of photos and the perspectives of taking a good car shot. I also received a really nice photo book with the main winners of the gallery and other contestants that had entered for various categories. Looking at those photos sparked an interest in me that I hadn't had in some time. I wanted to shoot more cars and get experimental with my angles. Who knows, maybe next year I'll enter?

Now as we made our way outside the garage this is where many car enthusiasts where able to showcase their car to the world. You didn't have to own a Toyota or Toyo tires as every one was welcomed. The model, year spec didn't count but what did was your love for cars. We saw Lambo's to small hatch back Civic's which took me way back and the same interest and love shown to the Lambo's went to the Civic's.

All in all this event was fun and like I said sparked an interest in me to start shooting more cars. To get down and dirty and catch them in new angles so you can truly admire what they are all about. I really enjoyed the event and hopefully it can happen again this upcoming year so that I can bring better coverage now that we know what it is all about.

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